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You are in control of your Chiropractic care! Not the Chiropractor.

Chiro consultAs a Chiropractor, our role is to not only help you with Chiropractic treatment, but to give you our professional recommendations regarding Chiropractic care. Based on your clinical presentation and examination findings, we will determine how many Chiropractic visits you may need to resolve your health concerns. This decision is based on our experience and education

For example, a patient that was just in a car accident and had a serious whiplash injury may require more Chiropractic care than other cases with less severe injuries.

You need to have guidance regarding what things you must do to regain your health. We may also recommend certain lifestyle changes that you must incorporate to help resolve your issues faster!

For example, we may recommend you start performing certain exercises or stretches to help your spine heal. We may suggest you apply ice several times a day to certain areas of your spine as well to help reduce inflammation.

However, I tell my patients that the amount of Chiropractic care they want to receive is always their decision. All I can do is communicate what my best recommendations will be.

We never turn away patients if they will not follow the recommendations. Sometimes the issue of time or money can be barrier for some patients when receiving care. That is a discussion we can have. Often, we can find some middle ground that will allow you to receive the care. The door at Iron Spine Chiropractic is always open for everyone. I believe some Chiropractic care is better than no care! However, it can be very difficult to receive the results you want from the care if you don’t follow the proper recommendations.

If you decide to schedule an appointment at our centre, I will make sure we are both on the same page before we begin care. Its vital that I am aware of what your goals are and that we approach care within your comfort zone.

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