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New Patients at Iron Spine Chiropractic

Preparing for Your First Visit

All patients are required to fill out all the forms online before their scheduled appointment. These forms will be forwarded by JaneApp via email. Please arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for your appointment.

The First Appointment

You will be taken to an exam room where you will discuss with Dr. Marty what has brought you in. He will review your health history with you and then provide a comprehensive exam which will include X-rays if needed. Following your examination, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Marty also will review financials with you, so you will know what the fees for all services will be. Please allow 30 minutes for this initial appointment.

The Second Appointment

When you return for your subsequent visit, Dr. Marty will review your exam findings and will determine how you responded to your first adjustment. Based on all of this information, he will explain his best recommendations for your care. This second visit takes about 15 minutes.

Get Started Today

Contact our South Edmonton office today to schedule a convenient appointment! We offer Saturday and same-day appointments.

New Patients at Iron Spine Chiropractic | (780) 818-4766