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FAQ at Iron Spine Chiropractic

Common Questions Answered

If you’re new to chiropractic, you likely have some questions. Below are some answers to questions we get asked frequently at Iron Spine Chiropractic.

Once I go to a chiropractor, will I always have to go?
No, but we find that most people who experience the benefits of chiropractic want to continue with wellness care. They do so because they enjoy an improved quality of life and want to continue with care.

Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Although we provide very gentle adjustments, it’s important to know that if an area is already inflamed and sensitive, the initial adjustment may be slightly uncomfortable. Most people will experience considerable relief afterward, however. “I let patients know that it’s worth it to experience a slight spike in discomfort if it’s going to help them get better,” said Dr. Marty.

He uses the analogy of working out in the gym. If you haven’t gone in a while, you will be a bit sore, but you will start to feel better.

Can chiropractic cure everything?

No, chiropractic doesn’t cure or treat anything such as back pain, neck pain, or something else. Instead, chiropractor allows your body to heal and function much better by taking pressure off the nervous system.

Why would I have a newborn or young child adjusted?

A baby can misalign right out of the birth canal. Infants can have neck misalignments even from a natural delivery. Kids fall a lot so there are many reasons why they need to be aligned. Plus, they’re growing and developing so we can fix problems early before they become more chronic and serious later.

As a father of three, Dr. Marty knows the value of children being adjusted. If they’re checked and adjusted from a young age, they may enjoy better health and not have to take medications.

Are kids adjusted the same way as adults?

No, rest assured that we use light and gentle adjustments on children. For example, Dr. Marty will apply the same amount of pressure to adjust an infant that’s used to check a tomato for ripeness.
Do I need a referral from my primary physician to see a chiropractor?
No, you can come directly to us.

Do you work with medical doctors?

In the past, Dr. Marty has worked with medical doctors from time to time. He’s also provided care for medical specialists who have come in for chiropractic care.

Will I get adjusted on the first visit?

We understand you’re busy and your time is valuable. That’s why Dr. Marty will provide an adjustment on the first visit whenever possible. If he determines, however, that further testing is necessary, you may need to wait until a subsequent appointment.

Will you suggest exercises or other things I can do?

Yes, depending on what we found, we may provide you with exercises to perform at home to assist your healing. You will be shown how to do the exercises in the office.

Can I see a chiropractor if I had back surgery?

Yes, as long as we know exactly what happened, you can. We may need more test results sent back to us first. Then we will know how to safely work on you.

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