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Yes, Ribs Can Pop Out of Place, Too!

Human RibsI see numerous patients presenting with extreme pain when one or several of their ribs misalign. The patient’s clinical presentation usually involves severe pain when trying to breath with inhalation. The pain can present in the back but can radiate to the front of the chest as well. This is because the same rib does wrap to the front of the body. I find patients usually injure their ribs from an incident involving lifting with twisting their upper torso at the same time. Chiropractic is very effective care for this type of problem. An Advil or a muscle relaxant may relieve the pain. However, do you think it can correct the problem? You cannot fix a physical problem like this with a chemical solution.

If you have this type of issue, I can help you! The good news is my experience has taught me that the pain level decreases at a fast rate with chiropractic. The adjustment I do for this will be posted with a picture to show how I do it. Chiropractors can adjust many different types of joints in your body. I realize some people think we just adjust spines. I hope this article helps you now understand that we can help many other issues.

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