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My ankles feel stiff and my feet hurt!

Can Chiropractic help that?

ankle painWe are not just experts in aligning your spine, we can also adjust the joints in your feet, legs, and arms as well.

Patients commonly tell me that their ankles hurt or feel stiff. This can be from prior injuries such as a sprained ankle. However, it can also be from chronic irritation such as prolonged standing.

I will often adjust a bone in the ankle called the Talus which can greatly decrease the symptoms and increase the function in the ankle.
We can also adjust other bones in the feet to help the feet feel better!

Our clinic also provides custom made orthotics which is another awesome way to help align the ankles and feet.

Your body is a kinetic chain. Your ankles and feet are your body’s foundation. As a result, if they are out of proper alignment, the rest of your body will compensate and can have issues in the future.

Therefore, if you experience symptoms like this, come visit us and we will determine the cause of your issues. If we can help you, we will start care on the very first visit.

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