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Forward head posture! Why is it a problem?

forward-head-postureForward head posture means you are carrying your head more forward on your shoulders which is not normal. This is a common postural imbalance but can cause a lot of serious issues.

It is known to cause headaches, numbness or pain down your arm, neck pain, back pain and many other conditions.

What causes it? Many chronic postural imbalances can cause it over time. For example, sitting in an office chair too long using a computer can often make us slouch forward with our head falling forward on to our shoulders. Another common reason is text neck. We flex our head forward looking down using our phones. Whiplash injuries can cause it as well.

For every inch that your head sits forward, it increases the weight of your head by approximately 10 pounds! From a side view, your ear should align with the mid mass of your shoulder.

How do we fix this problem? Firstly, set up a Chiropractic appointment to assess your spinal alignment. Chiropractic can often help correct these problems with Chiropractic care along with certain stretches or exercises. In addition, correct these unhealthy postures by improving your ergonomics at work. For example, lower your chair height and raise your monitor to help you look straight ahead instead of looking down at the monitor screen.

In addition, just be aware of your posture and correct how you sit or stand if you notice you are not straight.

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