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Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Let Chiropractic fix your shoulder problem

Shoulder painOver the last 20 years, I have seen great results helping patients with shoulder problems.

The shoulder joint can be out of alignment. The shoulder is a very complex structure in the human body. A person can certainly have a rotator cuff tear or a soft tissue injury. In this case physio may be another option as well. However, often the shoulder misaligns and needs to be corrected to reduced pain and restore normal function.

Again, Chiropractors are the only qualified profession to correct these misalignments.

We will also check for spinal issues that may be contributing to the shoulder problem. Your body is a kinetic chain and everything is connected.

I have gained a lot of experience adjusting other areas of the body aside from the spine. Chiropractic care can address knee problems, wrist problems etc. We are not just experts in spinal misalignments.

My grandfather had a shoulder problem many years ago. He saw many medical specialists and had no success resolving his issue. He then tried Chiropractic and had immediate positive results. This situation is what started my interest in chiropractic.

I hope this blog post makes more people familiar about how Chiropractic can help non spinal issues as well.

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