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Computerized Nerve Scans

scanIron Spine Chiropractic now implements computerized nerve scans. I find this modern technology very helpful assessing the progress of a patient’s care. It also will help patients understand their spinal issues by providing a visual test that will determine where their issues are in the spine.

Thermography detects temperature imbalances in the spine indicating nerve irritation. We also perform a scan, called electromyography, that measures the amount of nerve energy in the spinal muscles. This will detect areas of muscle spasm. It will also detect if there is an imbalance in muscle tone comparing the left and right sides of the spine.

Nerve irritation can result from spinal imbalances and we now have a very effective way to determine the function of your nervous system.

Call us or book online today and we can assess your spine thoroughly including a computerized spinal scan.

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